The Good Jobs for All Coalition is an alliance of community, labour, social justice, youth and environmental organizations in the Toronto region. It was formed in 2008 to start a focused dialogue on how to improve living and working conditions in Canada’s largest urban centre.

The Coalition’s goal is to develop strategies that affirm the values of a truly just society – healthy communities, a sustainable economy, strong public services, equity, and decent work for all. The coalition held a one day summit, Good Jobs for All for a Greater Toronto, on Saturday November 22nd, 2008 at the Metro Convention Centre, where more than one thousand participants shared experiences and engaged in extensive dialogue about good jobs and what policies are needed to ensure there are good jobs for all for both today and the next generation. Participants witnessed the signing and endorsement of the Good Jobs for All for a Greater Toronto Declaration, a statement representing our collective voice and the vision we want for the GTA.

The Good Jobs for All Coalition is following through on implementing the action plan which came out of the summit, including organizing joint campaigns and supporting each others efforts. This is being carried out by three Working Groups on the themes of: (1) Empowering Workers; (2) Green Economy for All; and (3) Investing in Social Infrastructure.

A community-labour coalition