Co-Chair, Tam Goossen, Wins City Human Rights Award

The Good Jobs for All Coalition co-chair Tam Goossen has won a City of Toronto
Human Rights award for her dedication and commitment to creating an inclusive and fair Toronto.

The City of Toronto has written a great summary of some of Tam’s many accomplishments. When you see Tam, make sure to congratulate her.

Tam GoossenIn everything that she has undertaken in public, community and private life, Tam has been dedicated towards creating an inclusive society. Since immigrating to Canada from Hong Kong forty years ago, she has worked hard to improve the lives of immigrant women and their families in Toronto. As a mother, community activist, media commentator and mentor, she continues to touch the lives of many women of diverse backgrounds.

Currently, Tam serves as Co-chair of the Good Jobs For All Coalition, made up of over 40 grass roots organizations and labour groups. Tam is past President and current Vice-president of the Urban Alliance on Race Relations, as well as a public member of the Ontario Press Council. She has worked with many community organizations including the Chinese Canadian National Council, the Metro Toronto Chinese South East Asian Legal Clinic and St. Stephen’s Community House.

Tam was elected three times as public school trustee on the former Toronto Board of Education. From 1988 to 1997, she played a key role in the Board’s initiatives around equity, language, and challenging racism. Tam is also a past President of Social Planning Toronto.

Tam earned BA and MA degrees in Japanese and Chinese studies from the University of Toronto and studied in Japan as a research scholar in the 1970s. Tam has also worked as a teacher, a researcher and an organizer. Tam has lived in the Kensington market area with her family for over 35 years.