Fired Cleaners Demand Reinstatement and Respect at Rally in Toronto

Two dozen people rallied earlier today outside 8 King St. East in Toronto. They called on the building’s new cleaning contractor, Amphora Maintenance Services, to reinstate terminated employees and respect their wishes to have a voice at work.

“With the previous cleaning company we won a small raise, better vacation pay and we were going to get benefits this summer,” a statement by Cleria Ezequiel reads. “Now not only have we lost all these things, we’ve lost our jobs.”

Earlier this month nine cleaners, including one who had been at the location for 10 years, were terminated without notice when they showed up for work. The workers say an Amphora Maintenance Services representative told them there were no positions available for them.

“We reject this race to the bottom where employers like Amphora are allowed to treat workers like this,” said Preethy Sivakumar, coordinator of the Good Jobs for All coalition.
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