Hundreds Dream Green at Good Jobs Conference

An overwhelming majority of Canadians agree that climate change is a pressing issue that demands immediate action. On Nov. 7, over 600 participants came together for the Good Green Jobs Conference to start building a green future that is economically viable, environmentally sustainable, equitable and just for all.

In the lead up to the UN climate change summit in Copenhagen, Denmark, the realities of inaction on climate change are becoming ever more apparent. In the midst of a staggering recession that has seen 43,000 jobs lost in the last month alone, the government insists that the economy and the environment are two separate issues that require separate solutions. Stephen Harper’s Conservative government continues to provide massive subsidies for the tar sands, making the possibility of Canada signing onto a binding, scientifically-based treaty at Copenhagen an almost certain impossibility. Moreover, responding to the Pembina Institute’s recent study on how Canada could meet its commitments to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, Federal Environment Minister Jim Prentice called the report “irresponsible and the economic costs unacceptable.”

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