Newsletter – Good Jobs for All Coalition – February 2009

Thank you all for being a part of creating an exciting, historic day in the City of Toronto, and for engaging in dialogues, sharing experiences and knowledge, and strategizing on how to create good jobs for all in the Greater Toronto Area. Our struggle for good jobs is now even more essential given the deepening economic crisis we are in. We were all an integral part of creating a mandate and momentum to move forward in building a movement for good jobs for all. In our Summit of more than 1000 people, we witnessed the signing and endorsement of the Good Jobs for All for a Greater Toronto Declaration, a statement representing our collective voice and power on the vision we want for the GTA.

Please check out the website, for a photo gallery from the summit, audio clips of the keynote speakers, events listing and a video report from the summit.

We are moving forward.

The Good Jobs for All Coalition, which planned and organized the Summit, has continued to meet, looking at the recommendations for actions which came out of workshops, prioritizing the issues to be addressed, and initiating working groups to carry out the work. Working Groups will organize on the themes of Green Economy for All; Investing in Social Infrastructure; and Empowering Workers. Part of organizing the work is finding ways to engage you, the participants of the Summit.

In January 2009 we initiated the Coalition’s EI campaign.

This campaign was launched at a media conference the week before the Federal budget. The campaign will include actions on a national level, community town hall meetings across the GTA, lobbying Members of Parliament, information rallies at EI offices, and the signing of petitions.

Making Our Voices Heard on Fixing EI
Come on out to a Town Hall meeting
Attend a rally in front of Service Canada Office
Sign, and collect signatures on a petition calling for changes to EI
Call your MP, MPP and City Councillor
For a list of town hall meetings and rallies: go to

Support Fairness for Temp Agency Workers – Support Bill 139

The Ontario government has been forced to listen to temp workers. It introduced Bill 139 on Tuesday December 9, 2008 to curb some of the worst abuses of temp agency workers. The Workers’ Action Centre and its members have been fighting for years to improve protection for temp workers. Please go to their website at to take action to support Bill 139.

Come on out to International Women’s Day – everyone is welcomed!
…and bring 3 friends or family members…

Following our Summit, the next large public gathering calling for Good Jobs for All is the celebration of International Women’s Day in Toronto, held on Saturday March 7, 2009, at OISE, 252 Bloor Street, West, Toronto. The theme is “Women Lead the Fight – Good Jobs & Dignity for All”. Rally at 11:00 am; March at
1:00 pm. Go to for more information. Let’s bring thousands of women and men on the streets and continue to build our power and the voice of communities and workers calling for a society where there are good jobs for all, and where everyone is valued and respected.

Thank you once more!

Our movement for Good Jobs for All cannot be strong without each of us. Let us continue working together, sharing the message of the Summit, and strengthening our voices for change.

Tam Goossen & Winnie Ng
Co-Chairs, Good Jobs for All Coalition

Judy Vashti Persad
Coordinator, Good Jobs for All Coalition