Scrap the changes – Fix EI

At the Toronto Labour Day parade, Good Jobs for All members distributed 2000 flyers and got over 200 signatures on a petition to stop the Harper government’s changes to the Employment Insurance program.   If you didn’t sign the petition or get a flyer, and need information, please ‘read more’.

Many more jobs in Canada are temporary, part-time and many Canadian cities and communities have still not recovered from the recession.  As many  of the marchers in the Toronto Labour Day Parade said “We all pay into Employment Insurance, and we need to be able to depend upon it when we need it!“

Good Jobs for All has been fighting to change Employment Insurance since 2009]  Because of the work of committed activists, EI was extended in 2009, but then the Harper Government decided to try to gut the program.   Right now premiers across Canada are speaking out against the EI Changes and the Canada Jobs Grant. Work in Canada is changing, and too many people are not able to collect Employment Insurance when they need it.   Join us and let’s fight to fix Employment Insurance

Contact if you know someone who has been cut from the EI program or needs help collecting EI and if you want to join this campaign.