Toronto Voters Send Clear Message: Keep Building a Green City

Toronto: According to “Election 2010: The Environment by the Numbers” a just-released analysis of Monday’s election, a majority of Toronto’s new Councillors have committed to building a green Toronto, says the Toronto Environmental Alliance.

“On Monday, Torontonians made it clear they wanted a different kind of Mayor. They also made it clear they want the new Council to be green,” Franz Hartmann, Executive Director of the Toronto Enviromental Alliance. “That’s why they elected 24 Councillors from all corners of the City who committed to implementing key environmental actions that build on 10 years of environmental success. Now Councillors need to honour the commitment they made to voters.”

Each of the 24 Councillors answered “yes” to 16 or more of 20 questions that asked them to commit to a host of environmental actions. Details of their commitments can be found at

“The party is over for Mr. Ford’s anti-environment sound bites,” said Hartmann. “Council candidates who wanted to build a green Toronto received 45,000 more votes than the new Mayor. The citizens have spoken and they want Mayor Ford to respect their wishes and work with the new Council to build on 10 years of environmental success.”

TEA also released other interesting statistics in their “Election 2010: The Environment by the Numbers” report. Including candidates who scored a B or higher, over 428,000 people voted for candidates committed to building a green Toronto. Support for green initiatives also comes from all parts of the city, not just downtown.

Yesterday, the Toronto Environmental Alliance launched a new campaign providing Torontonians an online opportunity to send letters to their Councillors asking them to honour their environmental commitments. For more information, visit:

TEA plans to deliver the letters to City Hall just before the first Council meeting in early December.

Hopefully the councillors are into supporting our plan to put solar panels on public buildings across the city.