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Newsletter – Good Jobs for All Coalition – February 2009

Thank you all for being a part of creating an exciting, historic day in the City of Toronto, and for engaging in dialogues, sharing experiences and knowledge, and strategizing on how to create good jobs for all in the Greater Toronto Area. Our struggle for good jobs is now even more essential given the deepening economic crisis we are in. We were all an integral part of creating a mandate and momentum to move forward in building a movement for good jobs for all. In our Summit of more than 1000 people, we witnessed the signing and endorsement of the Good Jobs for All for a Greater Toronto Declaration, a statement representing our collective voice and power on the vision we want for the GTA. Continue reading Newsletter – Good Jobs for All Coalition – February 2009

Justice and Dignity for Cleaners: Nelia Bettencourt

The Mayor of Toronto wants to outsource the jobs of hundreds of city cleaners and turn them over to low-wage contractors. There are already too many jobs in Toronto that pay poverty wages. Good Jobs for All wants Toronto to move forward instead of backward. We think cleaners in every sector deserve to make a living wage.

As a city, we can stand up for good jobs that will not just raise standards for workers, but also strengthen our neighbourhoods and communities. Contact your City Councillor and tell them that we should defend good jobs in our city.

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Nelia Bettencourt

“I’m a Heavy Duty Cleaner at the Toronto Police Service. I wash the floors, steam the carpet, clean the cells and washrooms, pick up garbage and more. I’ve been doing this for 9 years. We are there every day, and we are all almost like family to each other. There’s a familiarity and trust we’ve developed and that’s important, especially in a police station where there’s sensitive information and security issues. Continue reading Justice and Dignity for Cleaners: Nelia Bettencourt