Green, Decent and Public

Green, Decent and Public, by Andrea Harden-Donahue and Andrea Peart.

Green, Decent and Public focuses on the distinct opportunities of the public sector to play a prominent role in generating decent green jobs. This begins with a discussion of the economic growth potential of green jobs and the shovel-ready capacity of the public sector. This is followed by a closer examination of energy efficiency opportunities in the electricity sector and beyond. Focus is then shifted to the electricity sector and the tremendous potential for green job creation associated with renewable power generation. Departing from the historical pattern of public power systems, today there is a trend towards market liberalization in Canadian electricity sectors. This is problematic for a number of reasons including decreased accountability, higher electricity prices and concerns with limited reliability.
Public and community ownership of renewable power generation is offered as an alternate path to further market liberalization that has distinct advantages. These advantages include retaining economic revenues, maximizing social benefits, prioritizing conservation and ensuring energy security.