What are our Mayoral Candidates’ Environmental Priorities?

Joe Pantalone has just released his green platform, and it includes a commitment to implement the priorities of our Green Jobs for All at Hydro campaign.

To quote from his platform, Joe commits to:

“Support the Good Green Jobs for Hydro campaign.”

“Maintain public ownership of Toronto Hydro, using our asset to continue meeting goals for renewable energy and conservation – while making dividends that fund City services.”


“Support the hundreds of community groups, non-profits, academics, and labour unions in the Good Green Jobs for All campaign.”

Smitherman’s also issued a press release which references the candidate’s interest in using the utility to create green jobs, although there is no specific mention of implementing equitable hiring policies.

If you want to know where Smitherman – and indeed all our candidates – stand on equitable hiring policies then it’s best to ask them directly at the many mayoral debates taking place around the city.

Meanwhile, our coalition partner, the Toronto Environmental Alliance, hosted a mayoral debate on the environment.   Read the reports to find out more about where our candidates stand on protecting the environment and creating a sustainable economy.

Read TEA’s mid-campaign report assessing the mayoral candidates on their environmental priorities.

Read Globe and Mail’s report of TEA’s environmental priorities debate.