Toronto Star Op. Ed – One Toronto: building up the city

Check out today September 23rd Toronto Star’s op ed about the new One Toronto campaign, that is endorsed and supported by the Good Jobs for All Coalition.  And don’t forget emergency community meeting on Monday September 27 at Church of the Holy Trinity.

In an effort to “change the channel” in what has been a mean-spirited and anger-filled municipal election campaign, a coalition of progressive Torontonians is calling for renewed commitment to the public service values that have made this city great. The group, called One Toronto, has a message that deserves to be heard and acted upon.

Concerns essential to the well-being of Toronto’s residents, its economy, and its future, have too often been given short shrift in the political debate thus far. Issues that have been lamentably neglected, or distorted, include the contribution of immigrants to this city, the value of arts and culture, assistance for the poor, and the green economy.

Rather than visualizing a vibrant and welcoming Toronto, one with immense promise and potential, most major mayoral candidates have offered a pinched vision of the future: they have pledged to tax less, spend less, and employ fewer public workers.

While fiscal concerns are important, they should not be the exclusive focus of this campaign. The trade unions, arts community, student groups, social activists, environment organizations, and concerned residents speaking through One Toronto don’t plan to endorse any particular candidate. Instead, they’re pushing for a broader and truly constructive debate. That’s an important mission. This election should be about building Toronto up, not tearing it down.