May 17-18: City Council votes on privatization proposal

On May 17-18, City Council will vote on Mayor Ford’s garbage privatization proposal. The plan is to privatize residential collection of recycling, organics, and garbage west of Yonge Street, litter collection in all parks, street cleaning, and other collection across the city on an “adhoc basis.” At the April 26th Public Works & Infrastructure Committee, over 70 public deputants spoke against the proposal to privatize garbage as well as circumvent democratic process.

This attempt to contract out waste collection when the public and the Councillors have not had a chance to review it sets a dangerous precedent. The savings that are claimed in the staff report will be realized primarily due to lower wages and benefits paid to front line workers employed by private, for‐profit contractors. Waste collection is a tough and risky job. Good Jobs for All rejects a business plan that is based on de‐valuing work while paving the way for future contracting out of public services to private companies. Call now to speak to your councillor to find out how they are going to vote.

Come to City Hall on May 17-18 to attend the meeting. The agenda still has not been made public for the meeting, but it will start at 9:30 am and will go into the evening . Contact psivakumar [@] labourcouncil [dot] ca if you plan to attend so that we can keep you posted as details emerge.

Yesterday, the City announced the process for three major “reviews” are taking place over the next few months for public consultation. With an anticipated shortfall of almost $775 million in the 2012 City Budget, we will have to mobilize now to push back against cuts to important public services that Toronto residents across communities need.