Talking about jobs

Check out the newly launched Talking about Jobs website. Join in on the discussion!

Over the last six months the Wellesley Institute, Atkinson Foundation and Metcalf Foundation brought together thoughtful leaders, practitioners and scholars to envision, in a pragmatic and practical way, 21st century labour market policies for Ontario. What grew from these discussions were a clear set of labour market policy proposals focused on workforce development and labour market regulation. These ideas are aimed at reducing labour market poverty. They will contribute to a healthier and more equitable Ontario.

We are putting forward six good ideas that should be on the agenda as Ontarians head to the polls this fall. They include: local job matchmaking, a new and improved Employment Standards Act, partnerships for workplace-based learning, the right job for internationally trained professionals, the right to choose a union, and better protection for migrant workers.

We will be discussing these ideas on the website and in communities.