Ask Ontario By-election Candidates a Question

Elected Provincial Leaders Need to Get on Board!

Community and labour groups warned that Ottawa’s new E.I. CHANGES are dangerous and should be SCRAPPED. The Premiers of Quebec and the 4 Atlantic provinces have called for a moratorium on the changes and launched a review of the impact on their province. Where’s Ontario?

Which provinces have the most people in new EI categories that will be hard hit by rules requiring them to look for jobs paying 20-30% less, outside their occupation and commuting an hour – after just 6 weeks of layoff? Not the Atlantic provinces, but Quebec and Ontario.

According to the federal EI Monitoring Report, 70% of Ontario EI claimants fall into the new categories, over ¼ million workers. No one’s immune to this cheap labour agenda, whether they work in manufacturing, construction or public and private services like educational staff and hotels – jobs you’ll find in every town.

Did you know there are other EI changes like a total re-write of the appeal system, making it more difficult to get justice if you’re unfairly denied EI? To learn more about these changes, go to where you can also print a petition calling on Parliament for better EI access and real improvements.

Ask Ontario By-election Candidates a Question

Do you agree that Premier Wynne should join the premiers of the 4 Atlantic provinces and Quebec in calling for a moratorium on the new EI changes? And launch public hearings to investigate their impact on Ontario?

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