About the Green Jobs for All at Hydro Campaign

The Good Jobs for All Coalition is calling on Toronto Hydro to become a leader in building a green and equitable Toronto for all.The Green Jobs for All at Hydro campaign believes equity must be central to the burgeoning new green economy.

Thousands of permanent and decently paid good green jobs will be created if we succeed in manufacturing and installing more solar panels in the GTA. We believe these new good green jobs must be equitably accessible to all people, especially youth, people of colour, and newcomers.

As a publicly owned utility, our city’s primary energy provider, and employer of approximately 1700 people, Toronto Hydro must be a leader in our vision to green our electricity grid, tackle unemployment, and bring equity and justice to our great city.

This campaign advances the framework developed by the 600 committed people who attended the Good Green Jobs for All Conference held on November 7, 2009.

Our Goals

The Good Jobs for All Coalition is calling on Toronto Hydro to:

  • Plan for an aggressive expansion of Toronto Hydro’s role in renewable energy generation in partnership with other public institutions, such as the city, school boards, colleges, universities and hospitals;
  • Make local procurement of green products a priority in all activities;
  • Use Toronto Hydro’s buying power to attract green manufacturers to Toronto and/or assist existing manufacturers to retool; and
  • Work with local training organizations and Toronto’s Social Development Office to ensure equitable access and inclusion of workers of colour and youth from marginalized communities in new job opportunities in the sector.

This campaign began on June 7, 2010, with a press conference at Toronto City Hall.   We’re just getting started, and we need you to work with us to help turn our goals into reality.

What Can We Do?

Endorse the campaign.

Encourage individuals and organizations to endorse the campaign – from your local school to your parents and coworkers

Encourage a public institution in your community to install solar panels in a way that respect equitable hiring principles.

Share our brochure.

Request a speaker.